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2,5 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 Prozessor (Turbo Boost bis zu 3,1 GHz) mit 3 MB geteiltem L3 Cache.

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Right side USB has stopped detecting any devices

Today I took my MacBook Pro Retina (late 2012) for repair. It had speaker problems, which the technician has solved but since returning home I am facing few issues:

  1. Right side USB has stopped detecting any devices what so ever.
  2. There is no more startup chime (bong sound) even when I shut down completely and start again. This is the most strange part.

I am doubting if the technician has messed it up somehow or is it just that he simply forgot to connect one of the cable/wire and if it's not those issues is there any chance that he he has messed up the I/O board which is on the right side where the right side USB is? Everything else seems to work fine (camera, wifi, bluetooth, left USB port, Power connector etc.) But I haven't until tried the other right side ports that includes HDMI and SD card reader as I do not have those devices. Any ideas?

Things I have tried to no avail:

Reset PRAM

Reset SMC

P.S. This MacBook pro is out of warranty so I can not take it to apple.

Update (05/24/2018)

There IS sound coming from both the speakers and headphones,

The problem I found as of now is with the RIGHT side USB port as it isn't detecting any devices whatsoever.

The second strange thing I have found is there is NO boot sound the (bong sound) it used to make before I don't know why it doesn't make that sound anymore not that I need that sound but is it a sign to some fault?

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Do the speakers work for everything other than the "bong" sound?


Yes the speaker do work fine for everything else.


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You should bring it back as clearly something is messed up. The Right side USB ports are part of the main logic board. There is a connection on the main board to the headphone socket if not connected could explain your lack of sound.

Update (05/25/2018)

It makes no difference your logic board's USB port (Right side) needs repairs. Something happened when they repaired it the first time. Bring it back or get your money back and then get someone else to check your system.

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OK so I took it back today, and he did forget to put the I/O cable back correctly. After putting it back, the right USB started working again. However, I was in a little rush and forgot to check out if the startup chime is also working. After coming back home I turned on and find out there is still no startup chime. Again I tried with resetting PRAM and SMC to no avail. Thoughts?

P.S. The sound is working properly inside the OS the only thing missing is the startup chime.


I would go into system settings and then sound. See if your "alert volume" is turned down. See if that works. Glad to hear you got it USB figured out!


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