My Phantom 4 controller keeps beeping, even if charged, one light come

My DJI Phantom 4 controller keeps beeping, even when charged for longe period, one light only comes on, show low charge. Just prior to this problem, I had the firmware updated. Soon after we starting havin this problem..

Second problem after update, the flight distance was very restricted.

Third problem , is that my drone is flown using the controller, the app is is only showin as disconnected, it is not connection from my samsung S7, (verizon unlock). it work find from my friends 7 and used to work from my S4

Cpuld one help me solve these issues, I live in the Caribbean so acces to US repairs is costly and time consuming.

Step by step approach on how to repair will be great appreciated and yes I have try removing and reloading the app (many times)

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