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Laptops manufactured by Medion.

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Random system shut down

Increasingly my laptop just shuts down. More often if I'm gaming. I purchased a cooling pad. Not much help. What's up??

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The model number to the laptop would be helpful. Off the bat it sounds like you are having some heat issues with your GPU.


Here are some #'s ???

MDR 13D3A2CC72.

00144 176 791 605.



Great, what next? I can't get the info you need because now I can't access files and folders. Keep getting a "windows explorer shut down" error. Then it keeps restarting??? whaaat? I did find a system model # WAM2070. Now I need help with this issue.


My medion is in a rest mode but stil on and I don't know how to get it off


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I can not find a service manual for this or a similar machine. I also can not find any reference to a teardown procedure for your laptop you will need to contact Medion customer support and ask them for the service manual or instructions on how to teardown the laptop.http://www.medionusa.com/

You will need to open up the laptop blow out the dust and clean the fins on the heatsink(s) from any foreign objects, such as dust or hair. Then you will need to remove the heatsink(s) and apply thermal paste. The procedure for doing that is here. I use and recommend Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste. You can purchase that here. Then reassemble the laptop. If this doesn't resolve the heat issues your GPU is going to need to be reflowed or it's BGA reballed. Proper reflowing usually works. Make sure who ever you have do it uses no clean flux in the procedure. After resolving the heat issues. When you get the laptop running hit f8 as the computer is starting up, you may have to hit it a couple of times. This will bring up a boot menu choose Last known good configuration. That should get rid of your windows explorer error.

Arctic Silver Thermal Paste Bild


Arctic Silver Thermal Paste


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To me, it sounds like either an overheat issue coupled with a possible bad hard drive. Do you use a notebook cooling pad? If you can, open it up and blow out the dust.

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I have overheated medion P8614 and the screen is not displaying again what should I do for it to cone

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