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The Nokia N95 is a smartphone produced by Nokia as part of their Nseries line of portable devices.

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No Display, Otherwise working well!

Help Me.

Two days back, the display of my Nokia N95 slide phone went blank. At first, the display used to get back when slid in a certain fashion, but not it hardly is visible. The phone works fine, the audio is good, the camera is great, but NO DISPLAY.

I tried cleaning it externally, but in vain. It seems there is a connection problem. Please help. (I am out of warranty, but I want to keep the phone working for some more time)

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You described flex band simptoms here. You have a worn/damaged/faulty flex band that needs to be replaced. You can make it yourself very easy and it's cheap or you can find faulty phones for spare parts on ebay just in case :)

It could as well be just a small problem, like disconnected flex ribbon or loose.

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