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A Turbosteam iron by Morphy Richards.

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My morphy richards steam iron elite keeps blowing fuses

Blowing fuses in my Morphy Richards steam iron

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Use a DMM’s (Digital MultiMeter - adequate ones available at larger hardware stores <$20) Ohmmeter function to to test the iron to see if the heater element is faulty (short circuit), if the power is connecting to the chassis of the iron or some other fault such as a faulty cord perhaps.

Disconnect the iron from the power and place the Ohmmeter’s test leads across the two power pins of the plug at the end of the iron’s power cord and check the resistance value shown by the meter. If there is no reading (and there shouldn’t be) switch on the iron and test again.

Also check if there is a connection between the either of the 2 power pins on the plug and the earth pin of the plug or the iron’s base plate. Again there shouldn’t be a reading

If there is a problem here’s a link to the ifixit Morphy Richards Iron Teardown guide that may be of some help.

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