The Kenmore Elite HE3 is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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What does CL mean

My washer flashes CL when I power on. Will not let me choose cycle and will not start

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I had the same problem (CL Code) with my Kenmore HE front loading washer ( Model 796.4168). This Trouble Code is not in the Use and Care Guide provided with the machine. The first deactivate instruction doesn’t work. There is no “drain and spin” button on this machine. When I was reaching over the machine to unplug it (the alternate deactivation instruction) I bumped something on the control panel, heard a beep and the CL code was gone. What did I press to (apparently) reset the Control Lock?


I had exactly the same problem. Based on your comment, I pressed extra rinse for a few seconds and it cleared the CL. Works again!


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From Kenmore elite washing Machine Code error CL, control locked?:

This error code most likely indicates that the CONTROL LOCK has been activated. To deactivate the control lock press and hold the drain and spin button for 5 seconds. Or you can try to reset it by unplugging your machine, and plug it back in after 5-10 min.

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I had the same problem. I tried unplugging for more than 10 minutes. Did not resolve. There is no Drain and Spin button. I pressed and held the Extra Rinse button for a number of seconds. It did clear.

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