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The Dell Inspiron 14R-5437 is a desktop replacement laptop that can go the distance. With a 6-cell removable battery pack and a power sipping fourth-generation Intel Core i3 processor, the Inspiron 14R-5437 has the power to run for almost ten hours.

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ripped one of two LCD cables while disassembling.

I was taking apart my laptop to get to the motherboard to replace it (if you can, can you also send a link to a decently cheap motherboard for this laptop that has at least an i5 CPU?) and while trying to remove what the tutorial said was the LCD cable, i broke the smaller of the two connectors. here is the link to the tutorial that i used: https://www.parts-people.com/blog/2016/0... The LCD cable is step 15. I was wondering if the smaller cable was necessary for the booting of the computer, or if I have to find a way to get the cable to work again.

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Leveler02 Gaming,

In the picture you described there is only one cable which they are uninstalling , and this is the LVDS cable which sends data to the display. This would be necessary to use the built in display in the laptop.

I hope this helps,

Charlie B

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the other connector is hidden by his hand


was anything connected to that connector?


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