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Made in May 2014, the Dell Inspiron 15-5547 features the Intel Core i7.

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Boot from bios to external screen, broken laptop screen.

I have a clients lap top and I can't get the computer to boot to an external monitor. The drive runs there are no warning lights and the computer seems to be functioning. Client spilled water on it dried it out and called Dell they walked her through some things then the screen shut off the other day. Now I can't tell if it's the graphics hardware/software or the screen. You can see the screen back light turn on but no image. Trying to boot to an external monitor but not getting anything. Any tips?

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Try cleaning the plug and socket of the LVDS cable running from the motherboard and screen, using isopropyl alcohol.


I've attempted the same thing as I've worked with Dell Chromebooks before and they allow external monitors to boot to. This Inspiron doesn't intend to boot from a monitor it seems.


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sounds like a shortened motherboard. If you can not boot to an external monitor it is most likely that you have a short if the GPU circuitry hence the reason for not displaying an image. you’d have to get to the moterhboard and check for water damage (clean the board with some 90%+ isopropyl alcohol. Check for obviously damaged components. There is a slight possiblity to find a schematic but we would need the exact motherboard your computer has.

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This was the problem had to get the board replaced.


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