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Screen wont go dark

I replaced the screen. Everything works fine touch color etc. But when i am on calls the screen doesn't go dark like sleep mode and i keep accidentally ending calls while on the phone. I do not know why please help?

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Your proximity sensor may not be working. If you cover the sensor when the phone is on call it should go dark, which is similar to you putting it close to your face/cheek during a call.

Open the device and check your work. It could be one of many things.

-Cable is not completely seated

-Damaged cable

-Sensor failure/defect - Good to test on another device to make sure.

- damaged pins on either board or cable

good luck

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I will try this. I’ve done many repairs before never had this happen so I had no idea why. Thank you for the help!


You would be surprise how silly some errors may be. Sometimes I forget to connect the battery and I go into panic mode thinking the phone is compromised, haha.


@juax if the cable is damaged what cable is it? Just the same as camera or a different cable?


Old Post but proximity sensor isn't fitted correctly. Pain to fit correctly. No cable required.


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