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Die Xbox One S ist eine Entwicklung von Microsoft. Sie erschien im August 2016 als Neuauflage der Xbox One.

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Why is my console shutting off after game loads

My one s is working fine apps are good network connection is good its been properly cleaned apps are working fine no noises game hub says there is no problems the console is working properly everything about it but when itry to play games disc or downloaded the game will load seem like it's going to let me play then the console shuts off and when turning it back on says insufficient ventilations I've hard reset it factory reset it changed the seetings all kind of ways nothing helped and IT ONLY SHUTS OFF AND DOES THIS AFTER A GAME LOADS READY TO PLAY DISC GAMES AND DOWLOADED GAMES

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I have the same problem with a replacement console from Microsoft. My last one almost started a fire.

It smoked the room out and caused smoke damage to the back of the tv/wall. Not so white one S. The inside of my nose was black from the acrid smoke!

My replacement console turns off when trying to load battlefield 5 from disc and digital.

No error messages/warnings.

Shuts completely off like it’s hard resetting itself.

Tried the everything. Listing them is pointless because nothing worked.

Call Microsoft and talk to Tupac from India who tells me it’s a problem with the game not the console. And that my console isnt in warranty and it will cost a lot to repair. When it is in warranty.

Guess I’ll just have to put a service requestin. They might not notice the fault and send it back to me. Or even worse. Send me a faulty replacement which has already happened ffs.

They need to just send me a one X or a PlayStation and be done with it.


Every-time I play COD my console and my entire room shuts off. Now when I play Minecraft it works just fine. I'm not sure why.


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Check to see if the fan is running when you first start up a game. It should turn on to cool down. You mentioned having cleaned it well. Did you open it up and clean out the fan and heat sink with either a compressor or can of compressed air?

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Try cleaning your vents with a cotton bud or something like that. I had the same problem and this worked for me.

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How do u do that my Xbox keeps shutting off when my game loads in


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