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1,8 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 (Turbo Boost bis 2,8 GHz) mit 3 MB geteiltem L3-Cache

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Can I replace my A1466 screen with a screen from a A1369?

I have an early-2015 MBA 13” (A1466, last 6 of serial BXG944) whose backlight began intermittently going out yesterday. It finally went out for good today after shorter and shorter durations of the backlight working (it would go out, I’d restart or close and re-open the laptop and it would come on for a few minutes then the backlight would flick out again, repeat and repeat). The LCD screen itself remains functional. It seems like the problem is either the LVDS cable or the “p” fuse. I have another dead (logic board water damage to a battery thingie) MBA (A1369) that I can use to cannibalize whatever parts are needed to repair the 1466... is this possible? What should I do - replace the whole clamshell display? Seems like this would be easier than soldering parts... advice?

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Since after long time the question is still hanging just partly answered let’s try and clear it for future reference. A1369 and A1466 share the same LVDS cable and it’s just in the same position, thus if your just looking for a screen, answer would be yes, but it doesn’t include WIFI and camera connectors.

Camera connectors are different and in way different position, so there’s no chance of compatibility here and camera function would be lost either way.

WIFI cables are of different lenghts, shorter in A1369 and longer in A1466. This implies that a 1466 screen unmodified can be adapted to an A1369, retaining screen and WIFI functions, but not camera.

Viceversa, unless one finds a way to modify and increase the lenght of A1369 WIFI cables, an A1369 screen cannot be used on an A1466 model without loosing both camera and WIFI.

Backlight fuse belongs to logic board, and although it’s the same, i believe implies a whole different set of issues.

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What about MacBook Air 13' mid 2012 a1466?

I see 'full lcd assembly' listings on ebay only for 2013-2017 a1466 models


@Artem Laman As far as I can remember the only remarkable difference between the 2012 MBA and following years models concerns the flash drive, screen assembly should be no different. However I would double check with seller to be on the safe side, I don't have around any 2012 at the moment to give you 100% confirmation.


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Please see here, has anyone discuss before …

A1369 A1466, LCDmodule compatibility?

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I searched extensively before posting. I saw that one, which was less informative than this one (because A1466 encompasses multiple years and one poster said “the 2015 assembly uses a different camera connector and possibly different wifi antennas”): A1466 (2013 MacBook Air) screen assembly compatible with the A1369

However, neither addressed my other questions: is the LVDS cable for each the same, and is the “p” fuse interchangeable as well? Or would it be easier to just replace the whole display assembly? I’m fine with losing camera functionality but no WiFi is a deal-breaker.


So the awnser here is a yes, u CAN replace a 1466 screen with a 1369??


The raw LCD panel is the same!

The problem is the display assembly is not interchangeable! The iSight camera and WiFi antenna cables are different!

So unless you're skilled enough to take the display apart stick with the correct display assembly!


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