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Fourth generation of the Toyota Pickup.

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Why is there no dash lights and no crank at all?

The battery is good, headlights, turn signal, flashers all work bright.

The only light on the dash is the charge battery light.

no radio, no fan or ac. no gauges.

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lee-carp  this is a bit confusing. It looks like you are not getting any power past the firwall. Check the connetor at the firewall for corrosion etc. Then explain this “no dash lights and no crank at all” it sounds like you are you saying that your engine does not crank over. If so it could be the same issues as your lights. Check the connector at the firwall. I would try and hotwire the starter to see if all that works, then go to the inside wiring. Give us your exact model and year as well as engine for your Toyota. We may find a wiring diagram etc.

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Lee-carp I have the same issue except I have no power to dash at all with a 75’ toyota pickup with the 22r in it


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