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Kabellose Multitouch-Maus der zweiten Generation, von Apple am 14. Oktober 2015 veröffentlicht. Modell A1657.

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Magic Mouse 2蓝牙成功连接Mac Pro笔记本操作无反应

Chinese: Magic Mouse 2蓝牙,电量百分之98%,鼠标无磕碰,成功连接Mac Pro、mini操作无反应蓝牙状态显示已连接,但是在一台air笔记本上蓝牙连接成功后只有指针可以移动,其他操作同样无反应。

Magic Mouse 2 Bluetooth successfully connected to Mac Pro notebook operation does not respond

Magic Mouse 2 Bluetooth, 98% power, no mouse touch, successful connection to Mac Pro, mini operation, no response Bluetooth status display is connected, but only after a Bluetooth connection on an air laptop, the pointer can be moved, other operations are the same No reaction.

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可悲的是,Apple並不認為鼠標是可修復的,並且不提供任何部件。 因此,您需要找到另一隻鼠標來偷取零件。

這是IFIXIT的拆解,可以幫助你將它拆開:Magic Mouse 2 Teardown

你弄濕了鼠標嗎? 您可能需要清理焊點。

Sadly, Apple doesn’t treat the mouse as being repairable and does not offer any parts. So you’ll need to find another mouse to steal parts from.

Here’s the IFIXIT teardown which will help you in taking it apart: Magic Mouse 2 Teardown

Did you get the mouse wet? You may need to clean up the solder joints.

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Thank you, mouse is not wet, hope adopt to use clean up the solder joints, can be restored to use.


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