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Repair guides and support for videocassette recorders including Betamax and VHS (Video Home System) players.

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slow and choppy picture with toshiba vcr

Toshiba vcr. Picture itself is great. Discs play kind od slow- stops and starts.

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Since you are talking about discs, I will assume that you have a combination unit VCR/DVD. If this is the case, basedupon your description, I would say that the unit is having difficulty reading the disc. If the data is not available for a screen update, you will see a picture as you describe.

In order to provide more information, please post the model number of your unit. Also, check the system by using a few different discs and report whether or not the same behavior occurs with all discs.


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Toshiba model # SD-V395U. All discs display the same problem, some worse than others. Possible dirty machine ? Laser needing cleaned ?


I would start with cleaning the laser lens using a cotton swab and alcohol. Be gentle as the lens is supported by very thin wires. Too much pressure canbreak the wires which will make the assembly inoperative.


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