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Powers down while starting

My MacBook Pro will power down at anytime.

99% of the time it powers down while it is still starting up and before fully loading the OS. It doesn’t matter if it is plugged in or not.

The 1% I do get it startup and get to a web page as soon as I change pages of move to a different site it shuts down and restarts.

I bought a new battery worked for about 2 weeks then started doing it again. Then I changed the 330µF 2.5V Aluminum Polymer Capacitor.

Neither alteration helped. Any suggestions?

I found a way to get the computer to boot and get into the internet - I reset the NVRAM (PRAM) If I do to much at once it will shut down then I just restart it, If I only play poker (gaming) its OK, If I do that and go into the internet the computer shuts down. Then I just restart pushing the option - command -P - R at the same time for about 3 to 4 seconds until it makes the start up sound everything works for awhile. Still shuts down if doing to much or if I just let the computer set idle for a few seconds 7 to 8.

I am thinking the Polymer Capacitor is either faulty or installed incorrectly.


Thanks Stephen your answer helped it powers down a lot less. Now when the computer goes to sleep or I put it to sleep, and if I try to go into Netflix or another movie site it will shut down, but works great just in the web. A lot better then it was a few days ago. When I run the gfxCardStatus then things seem to work O.K. for awhile with movies & Netflix.

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If thats the case your dedicated GPU is having issues! I would replace the cap and you should give the system a good clean as well as re-paste the CPU & GPU chips


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You’ll need a second Mac here so you can connect yours in Target Disk Mode. You want to look for the log files (crash Reports). See if they tell you anything useful. If not I would scratch the drive and re-install a fresh copy of OS (‘‘‘T’’’ key).

If you don’t have a second Mac do you have an external drive which has the OS on it? If you do try starting up under it. (Option key)

Reference: Mac startup key combinations

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Hey Gord

This could be either one of a hardware issue or a software issue. I would first begin by resetting the SMC (System Management Controller). Sometimes this component becomes confused on certain operations that may result in abnormal behavior. To reset the SMC connect the MagSafe cable then hold the “Shift” + “Control” + “Option” keys while you press the power. You will know the SMC is reset when you see the charging indicator change colors from green to amber.

Since you already replaced the battery on the MacBook, you can rule out the battery not delivering peak power performance, so try to pull up Activity Monitor on the MacBook if you can get it to start. This will show you if there are processes running that are shutting the MacBook down, or running scripts that are creating these issues. If not load the macOS Cloud Recovery by restarting the Mac and holding the “Option” key before you hit the power button then load Disk Utility. You will want to run the “First Aid” feature on the HDD that is inside the MacBook to make sure the system and file formatting is healthy and free of corruption. If the Mac’s report is healthy then you may have a hardware issue obstructing power.

Since it may be hardware related, check to see that all the power cables are fully seated in there connectors. This includes the battery cable, the sensor cables, the LCD cables, the HDD cables, and the heat sensing cables. You should also check to see that the connection for the battery is clean, and fits securely in the connector.

If non of this works try removing the battery from the MacBook and connect the MagSafe connector only to see if the MacBook boots normally. If it does then the Logic Board isn’t recognizing the new battery correctly to keep a steady flow of power.

Hope this helps….Good Luck!

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