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Cassette deck is unable to properly turn cassette spools?

JVC DD-5 stereo cassette deck

  • In this cassette deck, there’s a rubber wheel thst spins and touches two larger white plastic wheels that the spool “pegs” go through. Spinning the white wheel makes that peg spin. The wheel dedicated to playback (the right wheel) is split into two thin wheels, and the rubber wheel will jump between the inner and outer wheel depending on whether you are fast-forwarding or playing back the tape.
  • If I trick it into thinking there’s a cassette in there, it’ll happily spin. Sometimes it doesn’t spin the white wheels properly, but most of the time it does.
  • When I insert an actual cassette, it will start spinning, and the second the tape is pulled taught, it auto-stops. If I press play, I can hear the motors spin, and I can see the rubber wheel spinning one of the thin white wheels, but it isn’t enough to move the peg. It’s like the peg isn’t entirely attached to the wheel? It jumps to the inner wheel of the two sections when playing back, and when fast-forwarding it jumps to the outer ring. Playing back, it succeeds in spinning the wheels, but the pegs kinda get stuck. If I loosen the tape, it does spin the peg until, as I mentioned, the tape gets tight. Then it stops, kinda like it’s reacting to the tape not moving.
  • I can move the spools with my finger, and it doesn’t feel unusually tight.
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mf_kitten  could be a belt or take-up disk issue. You need to consider taking it apart and take a good look at the mechanism. This manual should help you with that JVC-DD-5.pdfJVC-DD-5-Supplement.pdf

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That's very helpful, and it's indeed the take-up disc that's not spinning when it's supposed to. The wheel that drives it works though, so it's not a belt issue. I guess I have to take it apart enough to get to that one disc and see what's up.


mf_kitten sounds like a plan. Let us know what you find.


You need to replace the idler assembly part number VKS4151-00D which is available here: https://encompass.com/model/JVCKDA66J

Also, I would change the counter belt as well while you have the unit open since this is likely to be stretched and slippery due to age. It may work and is not critical, but save yourself some time and replace it.


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The rubber “idler” is slipping. Also the “stop” mechanism is based upon the tape actually moving. If the mechanism doesn’t detect movement, the unit will shutdown to prevent the tape from stretching. IRRC: This is accomplished by a “feeler” that will trip when the tape tension gets too high. This unit needs an overhaul.

It is possible that the motor is getting weak, but I would start with replacing the idler assembly or at least the idler tire.

Note: given the age of this, some of the lubricant may not be lubricating so well. Over time this will become more like glue. You may need to re-lubricate the assembly as well.


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