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The Microsoft Lumia 535 is a Windows Mobile smartphone developed by Microsoft Mobile. It includes a 5-inch display and a 5-megapixel front-facing camera.

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When I power off my lumia 535 it reboots with a gear and bolt sign

I am getting a thunderbolt and gear sign when I reboot my phone. I have to to a soft reset everytime to bypass this issue.

There is no sound when somebody calls my phone. I can see the call appearing in display but without any ringtone.

Please suggest.

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No need to worry! Here we will help you, here are few steps given:

1.Press the volume buttons at the side of the phone to activate the sound panel.

2. Select the v button

3. Adjust sound to the required level

4. Turn Vibrate on/off

If it works.. that’s good otherwise

there are so many reason to be no ringing, first may be it’s water damage problem or second may be it’s fell down on the floor. Because such phones are very sensitive.

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