Installing os x 10.7 on original MacBook air

I have a Macbook Air A1237 that I'm trying to install Lion on, but when it restarts to complete installation, it just hangs on a white screen. I've used a usb stick that I put Lion on, I've downloaded Lion from the app store and installed it that way, but it always does the same thing. I can only install as high as 10.6.8 on the laptop. I've read that it can go as high as 10.7.5 and that's all I'm trying to do here. I have the macbook a1237 1.8 ghz 2gb ram with ann upgraded 120 gb ssd

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tell us about that SSD stick upgrade.


not an ssd stick. its an ssd drive pata zif 120gb snow leopard went on with no issues. but every time I try to install lion it reboots and gets stuck on white screen. never loads the installer. Have tried dvd, and bootable usb


Have you done the software updates on the OS that is already installed on there? Because the firmware on the macbook may be too old to install a newer operating system on it.

The software updates (firmware ones for example) should update the firmware on the MacBook for you to make it compatible with some newer Mac OS installers.


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