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Repair guides and support for Panasonic's Viera line of televisions.

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How to address the 7-blink code?

Mine is a Panasonic TC-P42ST30, photo attached. It had the 14-blink code. I replaced the P, A, SN & SS boards per advice from related topics. Now it has the 7-blink code. What am I doing wrong?

Block Image


What next?

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mchlgrblsk  the 7 blink code is still related to the SN board

Driver SOS2

(SN Connector DET)

(SN Scan and Logic IC)

take a look at your connection (connector) and double check your work.

The 14 blink code was IR LED SOS and should have originated from the A-board only. not sure why you repalced all the boards.

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Background is here: Black screen, 14-blink error code

I don't think I have the knowledge to understand your answer, e.g. what is "Driver SOS2"? SN Connector DET, SN Scan and Login IC - are these elements I should look for on the SN board? Or are you saying to just check all my connections?


mchlgrblsk those are the reasons for the error code;-). Basically what the manual is telling us is to check the SN board connections etc.


Aha, will do, thanks!


Update: swapped out the new SN board for the old SN board, got 14-blinks; put the new SN board back in, checking connections carefully, got 7-blinks; then disconnected ribbon cable and power cable to SN board, got 8-blinks.

What does it all mean?

What else to do?

Is there some specific element I can test with a multimeter?


mchlgrblsk 7 and 14 blinks are the SN board 8 blinks are:

Unit is dead with 8 blinks power LED.

Cause: Defective SS board, part number

Take a good look under the board. It is known to shorten out the the chassis where the mounting screws are. Check for arcing marks on the board as well as the chassis where it mounts


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