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Modell A1136 mit 30, 60, oder 80 GB Festplatte / Front aus schwarzem oder weißem Kunststoff.

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Apple Logo and not much more, is it dead

I bought a 30GB 5th Gen, late 2006 production, ipod off eBay “As Is” in hopes of using it with a car adapter I just bought so I could have 30GB of digital music in the car. Knowing beforehand that it was As Is and was only showing the Apple logo it was a risk but I was hoping just the hard drive was dead.

Well I have it in hand now and I suspect it is further over the edge than I had hoped. I have tried every combination of button holding and the only thing I can get it to do is to reboot back to the Apple Logo but then it stops. The LCD does not come on but I can see a faint Apple and that is as far as it goes.

I left it plugged in for 12 hours and upon touching it again I do get this:

Block Image

However that only stays on the screen then I am back to a battery low screen without a backlight:

Block Image

Finally if I unplug it or fiddle with the click wheel I can get back to just the stuck Apple logo but always with no backlight.

Yes I have checked the Hold switch. Yes I have tried Disk Mode which I cannot get into. If I try any combination of clicks after a reset it just sits there however Select and Back appeared to shut the unit off one time. I can hear no hard drive and the backlight NEVER comes on except for that one screen above which I can get to only once in awhile.

Is it dead - Logic Board? Could the battery be so bad that it won’t allow it to proceed even when plugged in? Is it just the hard drive is so gone it never boots further but if so why can’t I get into Disk Mode?

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Given it’s age, I would expect the battery to be incapable of holding a charge. It would certainly make sense to try a replacement battery however I suspect the problem is more logic board related. If you’re going to buy an as-is iPod off of eBay, then you have to entertain the possibility of having to open it up and invest some time and money. However, there’s a high probability that the previous owner has already done this too and they’re just selling stuff that is unfixable.

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My take on the seller is they were a pawn shop or similar so likely lacked any inclination to do repairs.

I could care less about the battery since the car system will power the unit at all times unless if having a battery so depleted it won't allow the unit to function at all.

As to eBay, well I intend to tear the unit open and replace the hard drive with an adapter and SSD to push the unit to 128GB so some tear down was planned for. As the unit is going into the car and will stay in the car I don't want anything new and expensive just to be stolen. These old unit are perfect for the task, if they work or can be made to work. I've got $15 in this ipod so it wasn't a huge risk if it just needed a HD which it was getting anyway or was stuck and needed a reset.

Any sourced for logic boards at reasonable prices as those on eBay are not, given that I can get a working ipod for not much more. If not then I will just watch for another ipod of the same gen to show up cheap.


you'll need a new battery (img2), a new LCD (img2) and possibly a new HDD (which would give you the sad face icon).


I have left the unit unplugged for over 24 hours so far and I am still getting the same screens so the battery is holding a charge.


So the problem may just be the bad HDD. Unfortunately, at some point you have to start swapping parts with known-good parts to properly isolate the issue.


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