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The Kenmore Elite HE3 is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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additional issue that zero water is coming into the washer.

I was susessful in removing a lot of smelly crud; however, I have an additional issue that zero water is coming into the washer. Any ideas?

Update (09/01/2018)

No water entering, but crud cleaned out.

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Hoses removed and screen inlets are clean.


Water inlet valve checked out good electrically.


I decided to replace and the new part fixed it, so a mechanical failure must have been the issue.


Thank you for your help and guidance. On another note, I was also able to repair the circuit board on the matching dryer and it is back in service. I took this opportunity to replace the dryer belt and washer hoses. Washer and dryer are both working great. Now, we will see if I can get the microwave working next week:-)


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dnantz3 could be an issue with the water inlet valves as well as the screens between the water lines and the valves. Remove those for testing purposes and see if that makes a difference. Download the service manual for the washer from the bottom of this page Kenmore Elite HE3 Washing Machine Repair It will show you how to test the valves. Also, it will help if you can give us the complete model number for your washer.

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Model number is kenmore 110.46742.701 HE3T Steam


I am thinking it is the water inlet valves that need replacement.


dnantz3 use that service manual and check on page 41. Measure the resistance on the solenoids. It will give you a definite answer. It sure sounds like the water inlet valves.


I plan to test today.


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