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High performance laptop released in March 2005.

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New win10 Fujitsu laptop very slow and laggy

I bought this fujitsu laptop last week and it’s very slow. It’s AMD E1 windows 10. Starting up is fast, but everything else is very slow. I even added another RAM but it’s still slow.

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What is the full model number of your laptop?

Check in Task Manager to see what programs are installed at Startup and see if they are necessary or not.

Do you have a 3rd party A/V (anti virus) program installed, if so is Windows Defender disabled?

Have you checked in Event Viewer for any problems?

What have you checked?


Jayeff and thanks for helping me.

Under the laptop I see Lifebook AH30/A3. Then FMVA30A3W2.

I only have windows fender and Microsft 1drive enabled on startup.

I uninstalled McAfee yesterday and enabled Windows defentder but its still laggy.

I checked in Events Viewer as you said and its says Errors 119, Warning 112 ect in the last 7days, how or what should I do? Im not tech savy, so sorry if the questions are silly.



In Event Viewer, click on + next to Errors to expand the list and then check if the Event ID for the errors are all the same number.

If they mostly are this will tell you what is happening that maybe shouldn't and perhaps is slowing the PC down.

Double click on the error event with the most appearances to get more info, then search online for "event ID (insert number), source (insert source) and brief description as written in log to find answers to the reason for the event.

Once you have resolved why the error events occur move on to the Warning events and do the same thing.

Sometimes you can never clear them entirely and some do not have an big impact but this has to be determined first

If this seems a bit overwhelming take a screen snapshot of the expanded error events list for the worst event i.e. "summary page events" and post back here and we'll try to help.

Here's how to do this on ifixit Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen

Also since it is a new PC check that Win 10 is up to date, (it may not be if it was "on the shelf" for a while after it was "built"and before it was purchased). It may be that it is performing updates while you are using it (it shouldn't but....

Go to Start button, and then go to Settings > Update & security > Windows Update, and check what it says. Also check Update history link as well. Just a thought.


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One reason could be that it's running on power-saving mode and the performance is being held back to conserve battery. Try putting it in high performance and check the results.

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