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Das Motorola Moto Z2 Force wurde im Juli 2017 mit der Modellnummer XT1789 veröffentlicht. Das Moto Z2 Force ist ein auf Android basierendes Mobiltelefon und ein Update des bereits existierenden Moto Z2 Play Smartphones.

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Can Shattershiel be replaced on Moto Z2 Force?

Mine is scratched in just few weeks of careful use. I’ve also seen that peeling is also quite common. Can it be replaced outside official service? e.g by me? Is just the Shattershield available for sale (not the whole screen+digitizer) and how hard is it to replace?

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it can but there are a few more steps past what they show here.


Thanks James. Can you drop a link with more details if there is one?


Is there any way to even buy the all thing, LCD+Digitizer+Shatterproof?


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Display can easily be replaced, but it is very expensive.

Motorola Moto Z2 Force Displayeinheit und Fingerabdrucksensor tauschen

Here is a link to the guide on ifixit.com


Here is a link the part needed.

The part runs well over $100 through most vendors though. I wouldn’t recommend doing a glass only repair on this one.

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Thanks for the answer Robert! I was wondering whether it is possible to replace the outer soft plastic layer that scratches so easily.


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