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Realign rear camera external lens on iPhone SE

I have recently bought a second-hand iPhone SE in decent condition and while the rear camera lens cover is not scratched, it is slightly crooked.

To remove it, am I better off removing the white glass panel surrounding the camera and getting in via the back, or by unscrewing and opening up the phone from the front and pushing the lens through?

There’s some dust visible in there too, so my suspicion is it’s been (incompetently) replaced before.

Is it easy enough to realign and affix the existing component, or would I be better with a new one?

I’m not looking for the quickest/easiest solution, I’m looking for what gets the tidiest and most reliable end result.

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To be clear, I'm referring to the round piece of glass that's joined to the outside of the phone, not the lens within the camera itself.


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This is a great question and allow me to answer it. in order to fix or replace the camera lens on an iPhone se you must go through the front. You will have access to the center through the back but only if you want to damage it or disable it. I recommend the iPhone SE iFixit teardown to fix your issue.

iPhone SE Teardown

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I believe it would be best if you could remove the existing rear facing camera and then re-align your camera to your liking.

Heres a guide on on how to remove the camera, just follow this guide in reverse for re-assembly.

iPhone SE Rückkamera austauschen

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