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The Keurig model K70 is a beverage brewing system for home and commercial use. The Keurig is made by the American company Keurig Green Mountain.

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How do I correct the slow/low water pressure in the device?

I had a problem that started with my Keurig K70 about a week ago. It was working just fine, made coffee as usual, and whenever the drip started slowing down, we would just clean the cup liner, and things would be back to normal. Now, even with the extra cleaning, the water pressure almost slows to a drip when making coffee. Without a K-Cup inside, the water runs okay, but it also sometimes starts slowing to a drip. What do I need to get to inside the machine to clean or replace so that it goes back to normal?

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clean the puncture needles first. “even with the extra cleaning, the water pressure almost slows to a drip when making coffee”, is caused by clogged puncture needles not allowing water to flow in the quantity needed. It creates to much back pressure. “Without a K-Cup inside, the water runs okay “ because now there is no resistance to flow. Even so it is a slightly different model, this guide Öffnen und Reinigen einer Keurig Kaffeemaschine should work for your model as well.

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Get some white vinegar and distilled water mix 50/50 and fill the reservoir. Run a few cups with an empty K cup through and let it sit for a bit and run it again to decalcify the heater and tubing which is what is slowing down the water feed.

you may want to check your water as you may need to get a water softener installed on your water line, or use bottled water (not spring).

Here’s a useful reference How to Clean Your Coffee Maker

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