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Modell A1136 mit 30, 60, oder 80 GB Festplatte / Front aus schwarzem oder weißem Kunststoff.

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How do you retrieve files from the hard drive itself

OKay, well i have a 80gb 2nd gen i pod, screen and headphone jack are broken but i still used it as a external hard drive putting files on the ipod using it as a flash or hard drive and still had music, it funtioned fine, and now it doesnt even stay on, i did take it apart and also put it back together and it still worked till now, all i want it the files off the hard drive. it attempts to start and then just shuts off and repeats over and over. any idea where i could take it or somthing to do just to preserve the files which are pictures and video ect in files. thanks

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Does this really work! I have a mac formatted ipod but have mac utility software on my desktop which alllows me to see mac formatted hard drives on a standard computer. I need to retrieve 2 ipods of music! i see a light at the end of a long tunnel

i hope!


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My suggestion is that you purchase an adapter from wherever you like. I got mine of ebay for $5.00 It is a USB adapter that allows me to access the HDD as an external drive under the Windows OS. Not sure what OS you are using and I can not help with the MAC. You will have to remove the HDD. Once your computer sees the HDD as an external drive you can use software of your choice to access your files. I would most certainly backup the files. Also, you should have a backup of your files on the computer that you use to sync your ipod. The reason why your ipod may not stay on, could be a bad battery or a bad firewire connection may be cheaper or more interesting to try to fix it. I just purchased 4 of those and love the way they feel. Heavy and solid....anyhow. Good Luck and let us know if you need any further help.

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where does the adapter attach to? and if it is the battery or somthing else could i also just buy another ipod 2nd gen and take it apart and replace the harddrives? you think that would work just to atleast take the files off? i could care less about preserving the hard drive just need the files


dominguezg27, what iPod is it? I do not remember a 2nd gen with 80GB HDD :-)? Sure you could just get another ipod and do that. But if you purchase an adapter for your HDD you can just copy the files to your computer. You must remove the HDD and insert one end of the adapter into your HDD and the adapter has a USB cord that you plug into your computer.


Oldturkey, its an 80gb video, and on the inside it has a sticker that say 2nd gen on it. does the adapter provide power to hdd? and could any other problem resort to it starting and shutting off? or would that just be the ipod trying to start for music only?


dominguezg, that is great new. The adapter will definitely provide the power and all you need to get your files of the HDD. I do that all the time :-) let me know if you have trouble finding it. Not sure where you are located, but check on ebay under Zif-to-USB adapter. Again, let me know if you can not find it.


i infact did look it up and there was no match to Zif-to-USB adapter. would like fryes or some sort of electronic store carry it? i really appreciate your help by the way!


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Check this out:


Problem might be that being an iPod, the OS will be MAC, so Windows based PC's might prove to be a problem when trying to recover your files.

Good luck


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