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This computer was released by Asus in 2014.

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Laptop on but screen is black

The light on the side is on and the laptop charges my phone when I plug it into the USB port, so I know the laptop's on, but nothing is showing up on the screen. I've tried turning it off by holding the power button but it won't turn off. I'm currently leaving it unplugged to see if I can drain the battery but I'm wondering if there's a faster way of resolving this. I need to use my laptop for school but my battery has a long life. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Hi, @forestial ,

Try connecting an external monitor to the micro HDMI port on the laptop and check if there is a display showing on it when the laptop is turned on.

(A TV can also be considered as an external monitor since it has HDMI inputs - you'll probably need a micro to standard HDMI cable to make the connection between the laptop and the TV though)

How long did you hold the Power button to try and turn the laptop off?

This should force shutdown the laptop if you hold it for about 10 seconds or more.

If it doesn't then you may have to get drastic and disconnect the battery (Steps 1,2 & 4 miss 3 and do up to Step.4 only) to turn it off and then reconnect it and start the laptop again and see what happens. Be gentle when you pull out the battery connector, do not pull it out by the wires as you may pull the wires out of the connector. Be careful that you don’t slip with any tools once the laptop is open as it is live and you may damage it electrically (and mechanically) if you do. Be careful!

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Hello, I held the power button for a full minute. It still wouldn't turn off. However, I let the battery die and now it is working fine.


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This probably isn’t a battery issue. Inside of the device there may be a connector that is damaged. The screen may also have been damaged or isn’t working properly. I recommend backing up files somehow and checking the display connection. Then, you might want to see if there is any damage to the display. Although, I do find it strange that the device is not turning off, the connectors may be damaged for some reason.

Hope that helped!

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How can I backup the files and check the display connection? Also, if the connector/screen is damaged, do I have to take my laptop to be repaired or is there an easy fix?


Refer to jayeffs answer...


Hey, I just thought I'd follow up with you. I let the battery die and now it's working.


Okay, I was just referring to jayeff's post for backing up the computer. Is the screen working normally?


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