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Repair and disassembly guides for Kenmore Microwaves.

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Where is the fuse located at?

Hello have a kenmore pro microwave hood combination model # 790.89393510. Wondering where is the fuse located at? Thanks

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Where is the fuse located on my Kenmore over-the-range microwave model # 790.80333310


How do you get it out?

can’t seem to loosen it.. ideas?





Mostly the fuses can be prised out of the fuse holder springs at either end of the fuse. Use a small screwdriver at one end of the fuse and prise it up and out of the fuse holder.

If your fuse is not a glass fuse which is just pushed into a fuse holder, post an image back here to that others can see what type it is. Here's how to do this

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where is the fuse located. have taken off all screws indicated and still cannot f ind it. I see some cords behind a metal screen , but cannot get the screen out


@Beverly Storer

What is the make and model number of the microwave oven?

Hopefully you have discharged the HV capacitor?


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Here’s a link to the parts list for your oven. Download the list and then scroll down to find an exploded view of all the parts and part numbers

The fuse -example only (Item #24, part #5304488359)appears to be mounted on the right side air guide duct (Item #44).

Here’s an image taken from the list manual that show where. The fuse is indicated by green arrow and the air guide duct is in red.

Block Image

(Click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

Hopefully this is of some help.

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Hi @raydar

Two fuses blowing is not a coincidence.

There is something wrong with the microwave.

It maybe the door interlock switches not operating in the correct sequence i.e. they’re loose maybe or perhaps something more, e.g. a faulty HV transformer etc. You will have to start testing to find out

You’re in luck, because here’s a link to the parts for the oven which also has the wiring diagram so that you can check to see what the problem is.

BE SAFETY AWARE when working in the oven. Discharge the HV capacitor before doing anything else inside the oven after the cover has been removed to gain access to the components

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@jayeff Thanks for the reply. Would this help if I told you that the first time the fuse blew when I opened the microwave door without stopping it? And also these 2 fuses blew when the microwave wasn't in use. I installed them, and it worked. The next day I see it's not working and no one at home actually has been using it.



Opening the door it is when operating is not a good habit to get into for turning off the microwave.

It causes a spark across the door interlock switch contacts which may weld them together.

You need to check the door interlock switches to make sure that they're OK and not short circuit when they should be open circuit.

When the door is open 2 of the 3 switches are open and one is closed but when the door is closed the open switches close and the closed switch opens.

The door interlocks are a safety device to prevent harmful radiation escaping the oven cavity when the door is opened and the oven is operating, by shutting it down.

use the control panel to stop the oven when you want to stop it, don't just open the door.


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Hi @ Bill Smith,

The fuse is part #34 found in the top left of this parts diagram for your model microwave.

Scroll down the parts list to find the part number which will tell you the cost of the part

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@jayeff , I replaced my fuse of model 790.80333310 twice and both popped after 1 or 2 days. The first one was from home depot based on what was on the original fuse, and it popped the next day. Then I searched the part number from your diagram and found one from ebay and it popped again. I'm not sure if the fuses I'm getting aren't accurate or there's something more serious wrong with my microwave?


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