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The 2nd generation Kindle Paperwhite was released in late 2013. The device features a 6", 212 PPI screen, wireless capabilities, and boasts a 28-hour battery life.

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kindle paperwhite 2nd generation screen frozen at battery empty

As the title the kindle is frozen at the charge battery screen. I tried charging it for more than 24 hours without any result. I also noticed that the notification light does not turn on at all the hard reset also did not do anything. Could it be the battery or the screen ?I tested the charging port and it seems to be ok.

This is how the screen looks btw.

Block Image


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Can you try plugging it into your computer and see if it is recognized by your computer?

When you plug it in does the charge light come on or is this what you meant by notification light?

How did you "test" the charging port? Have you tried a different charger to ensure the charger hasn't gone bad.


I tested 2 different chargers and it is not recognized at all by the pc.


No notification light at all. An the charging port is fine. I also tired different charger. The only thing I notice is a windows alert sound when a device is connected and immediately the disconnection sound plays.


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It’s likely that your battery has gone bad. Try the suggestions @ambientprotect suggested in the comment above and if none of those suggestions work I would replace the battery.


Kindle Paperwhite 2nd Generation Battery Replacement

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It seems so I will get a new battery and post the results here for others that have the same problem. Thanks


No problem! Let us know if a new battery fixes it.


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Use a 9 watt Amazon AC charger.

I had a similar issue, and it would not charge with either an intelligent Anker or Aukey 6-port charger with Quick Charge 3 or Power IQ. The 9 watt Amazon charger did the trick.

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