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How to fix white screen of death on iPod Nano

so my iPod Nano has a white screen of death I Can’t play music and it is making beeping noises

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the white screen simply means that your iPod has a backlight. Since it has no video and the beeping, sounds like an issue with your logicboard. You will have to disassemble it using this guide iPod Nano 2. Generation Logic Board tauschen and take a look at the board. Check for damaged looking components. There are no schematics available and they are a PITA to work on, so this will not be an easy repair.

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how do I take it apart if I have no screw drivers


@stevejobs99 there really isn’t a way do do this non-destructively if you don’t have the proper tools.


how do I fix it then


@stevejobs99 you can't fix what you do not know is broken. If you do not have the tools to open it up you will have to consider sending it to someone that may do it for you. Not a lot of places repair these because of the difficult working on it


From an economical perspective repairing this iPod might not be worth it. You can get an iPod in acceptable condition on Amazon for 30$. If you don’t want to spend the time to get this iPod repaired or try to DIY then you are better off getting one of these iPods used on Amazon or eBay.


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