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Das Huawei Honor 8 ist ein Android Smartphone, welches 2016 auf den Markt kam. Es ist ausgestattet mit einem 5,2" 1080 p Display, 4 GB RAM, einer 12 MP Doppelsensorkamera, einem Fingerabdrucksensor und einem USB-C Anschluss. Modell: FRD-L04

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Honor 8 torn cable

While removing the battery I accidentally tore what I assume is the display cable… What should I do? Do I need to buy a new lcd display?

Pictures: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1...

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Yeah, that is a display cable you tore. You will need a new LCD assembly.

Huawei Honor 8 LCD and Digitizer

Huawei Honor 8 LCD Display austauschen

Huawei Honor 8 LCD and Digitizer Bild


Huawei Honor 8 LCD and Digitizer


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I neither approve or disapprove because I have no history with the seller, but I can tell you that you get what you pay for. eBay is usually a roll of the dice when it comes to replacement parts.


ah okay, I already ordered it so if it doesn't work I guess I'll have to buy a legit one... thanks for the quick reply, cheers.


No worries, let me know if the repair was successful. :-)


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This just happened to me! How’d the screen repair turn out?

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