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Ein Smartphone mit einem 5,5 Zoll 1440 x 2560 Display, Fingerabdrucksensor und einer 12 MP Rückkamera.

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No image on screen

Hi guys, i have a P10 Plus which the screen was replaced a couple of days ago. Initially it all worked very well but while i was at the gym the screen all of a sudden turned off. Now when the phone is booted it seems that the back light of the LCD screen turns on but no image on the screen. The phone seems to be booting up as when i put my finger on the fingerprint scanner it vibrates if the wrong finger is scanned and unlocks with the right finger. I have also purchased a second screen just to confirm that its not the LCD screen that has an issue but the same thing happens on both screens.

I know this is a long shot but any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you

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it sounds like a screen issue.

maybe both ur screens are faulty.

try connecting to computer does it had it fine?


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Connect it to a computer and see if the computer recognizes it. If a computer recognizes the phone, both the screens you have are duds.

Huawei P10 Plus Screen

Huawei P10 Display ersetzen

Huawei P10 Plus Screen Bild


Huawei P10 Plus Screen


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Hi guys,

When i connect it to my PC it does recognize it but the phone needs to be unlocked enable for explorer to show its storage. The computer makes the USB sound and shows the Huawei HiSuite as a drive so i assume this means that it can see it. The phone does seem to work as when i scan the wrong finger it vibrates indicating wrong finger scanned.

Also replaced the battery with a new one just in case but still the same issue. I will try and get a 3rd screen and see how it goes but don’t really thing that this is it. Initially when the screen was replace after a couple of hours i went to the gym. Now while on the treadmill a drop of sweat fell on the screen and dripped towards the fingerprint scanner. After about an hour the screen just turned off. Is it possible that water got into it through the fingerprint scanner and cause some sort of damage?

This is really frustrating as this has been an awesome phone and wasn’t planning on replacing it for a while.

Any help is really appreciated.



Check for corrosion on the boards inside the phone. If there is corrosion on the boards clean it with a brush and >90% Isopropyl Alcohol. Try this before getting a new screen and if it doesn't work the new screen will be your best bet.


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