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Moisture detected in charging port. Never been wet.

This phone is not too old. Bought it 6 months ago or so. Phones been wet once back when its new. But it was just a bit on the screen. I dropped it in snow. The port was covered too. Now after installing a update (Phone was plugged in while updating) that Samsung forces on you it immediately came saying the port was wet and refused to let phone charge. Ive let it sit overnight as it was around midnight then that happened. No change. Ive tried reboots,clearing cache,reset all settings and blowing in the port. Nothing. Occasionally the phone will charge. After pressing ok a billion times and a billion reboots. I really need help with this. This is my main phone and dont have money to buy a new one. Thanks!

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Have a look at this guide here. Looks like this might be a common issue.

If that guide doesn’t help you out, replacing the charge port should get you back into business. Or, you could just buy a wireless charger and get by with that.

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Thanks so much!!!


@e_ah You are very welcome! Happy I could help. Happy holidays!


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Do a force stop in the apps section in settings for accessibility and device care. This resolved the issue for me. Galaxy S10

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Samsung phones are well known for false battery notification even if you are using it Sahara desert(Bad joke)

look at this guide here.

Still, you can try the steps here if the guide doesn't work,

The moisture has been detected here error is not always triggered due to the water or sweat but a low voltage supply can also trigger your Samsung to show the pop-up while charging.

  • Method 1- Check Samsung For Possible Water Damage
  • Method 2- Turn off mobile and try charging the mobile.
  • Method 3- Restart Phone While on Charge
  • Method 4- Restart Samsung in Safe Mode

Read here: https://fixyourandroid.com/fix/moisture-...

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