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The Toshiba Satellite 2-in-1 laptop identified by the model number P55W-C5316-4K. The laptop has a touchscreen 4K Ultra HD screen and an Intel i7 processor. Related model numbers: P55W-C5200D and P55W-C5314.

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Which part to replace?

I recently dropped my laptop which landed on the top corner of the screen. It separated at the edge and produced a multi-shadow around the whole display. After 3 days the display went completely out. The screen did not crack. I plugged it into an external monitor and it works fine. The display key only shows the external monitor no matter what I choose (PC only, extend, duplicate) so… Should I order a new screen and digitizer OR is there other diagnostics I can perform? Toshiba wants to service it. Any repair shop wants to start with a large fee to open it up. I’ve already disassembled the screen and saw no obvious wire or cable damage… Thanks in advance and Happy Thanksgiving.


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hello I’m John it sounds like the CCFL findly went out completely. take a flash light and put it up to the screen and see if you can make out an image on the screen. if so that is the problem. In your situation i would replace the screen do to the fact that the ccfl are build into the screens already it would just save you a headache to just replace the screen. ive attached a link of a good replacement information. https://www.laptopscreen.com/English/mod...

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John, many thanks. So, after taking the screen apart, snapping it back together again, it's back, tho I've lost the very top with multiple tiny white lines (I can't see the upper panel. ) Now, the laptop doesn't recognize the HDMI...?? go figure. So, still replace the screen? Think that will allow the HDMI to kick back in?


yes jim that might fix the problem. that's where i would start with doing.



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