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The tenth generation Ford F-Series is a line of pickup trucks that was produced by Ford Motor Company, it was sold from the 1997 to the 2004 model years.

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Why am I not getting gas to my fuel pump?

Truck has new fuel pump which ran excellent until I blew a fuse on the tail lights. Replaced fuse then theft system came on, cleared codes on theft system. I can pour gas down fuel injection and truck will run on that gas. til it runs our. Just sits and cranks after that.

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@john2367 what was the issue that your son found on this?


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Thanks but my son stopped by and found the problem. Wire to fuel had a bad spot inside the tank.

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hello magcitrate_41, I’m John it sounds like the vehicle went into anti-thief mode. one thing you could try is to disconnect the battery terminals both of them. Take the terminals and tap them together to completely drain and conductive energy from all the control modules. The ideal here is to reset the system completely. After reconnecting the battery put the key in the Ignition and turn to the on position. Let sit for a minute and start the vehicle.

Also you can try this link that will help you reset the PCM.


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by any chance can you inform me what it was or what he did?


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