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Socket 1366, is designed for early Core and Xeon series processors.

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socket 1366 pin missing


Removed cpu And one pin was stuck to it If I got a scrap motherboard could I replace it.

Your reply would be appreciated.

Thank you



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john, are you thinking about replacing the socket on the motherboard? Turn it over and take a look at the soldering....unless you have the right equipment and the right skills I would strongly advise against it. It would be great for practice but not sure about the true reliability after. It might be easier trying to remove the stuck pin from the current socket. Use a magnifyer (I use a magnifying microscope like instrument) and small surgical instruments. Best one to get for that kind of work would be the smallest dental or opthamologist tools, check out ebay.com. Of course, that will also depend on your geographical location. So any microscopic instrument might be of great help to you. just remembered something called gravity ;-) turn your motherboard upside down and use a can of compressed air and clean out the socket. Sometimes that by itself will get the pin freed and it might just fall out. Good Luck and I hope this helps.

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Lga 1366 socket (B) can be replaced by using a heat gun and removed the same. Just add insulaters around solder areas where heat should not be so solder doesn't melt. socket (B) is solder balls so this action is considered reflow. I have replaced my own and works great. Done this on ASUS Rampage II extreme mother board.

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Hello. Where did you find a new socket 1366 to replace the old one?


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Could any one do this with pics or a video how to repleace socket please I don want to buy a new motherboard RICK quastion to you

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