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The Microsoft Kin TWO is a mobile phone from Microsoft, manufactured by Sharp, which was sold through Verizon in 2010 and aimed at users of social networking.

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Type of screw head used?

It seems to be a torx 3-lobed (tri lobed torx) screw, but finding that driver is like finding a unicorn. What tools are needed to disassemble the Kin Twom and where can I buy one?

A diagram of the head can be seen here:


My kid dropped one in a mud puddle and I'm just trying to clean and salvage the parts.


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the tear down guide HERE will assist you in disassembly and it lists required tools.

Tri-point Y1 Screwdriver

Tri-point Y1 Screwdriver Bild


Tri-point Y1 Screwdriver


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I found a less expensive tri wing screwdriver at nintendo screwdriver.com

They ship for free too.

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