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iPhone 7 Home Button Screws?

I have had to purchase a replacement bracket and screws for the home button on the iPhone 7.

On the iFixit guide, it says that there are 3x 1.3mm screws and 1x 1.1mm screw. However, with the parts I’ve purchased, I can’t distinguish between the different sized screws. And no, I do not have any callipers to measure the screws.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Block Image

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If you have a magnifying glass, try to compare them under it. Since you know you have 3 1.3mm screws and only 1 1.1mm screw, compare them to each other, and pick out the smallest one. the smallest one, is your 1.1mm.

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@captainsnowball Would it matter if I were to accidentally put the 1.1mm into one of the three 1.3mm? I know the other way around would.


It would cause issues, because then the spare long one would end up going into the wrong hole.


actually, could you add a clear photo of all the screws standing flat surface? then we may be able to compare the height. Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen


@captainsnowball I've added the picture for you. No idea why but the seller sent me five screws. No idea which are of which length. However, there are two out of the four screws in the phone already, both of which are 1.3mm. I just need 1x 1.3mm and the middle one. I hope the picture is okay, was quite hard to get the small screws in focus.


Would you be able to put them right next to each other? it would make it much easier to compare.


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if you cant distinguish the smaller one for the homebutton don't worry, just put that one in finger tight.

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