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The D-Link DNS-323 is a two-bay network storage enclosure that is designed as a comprehensive solution for network storage.

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Power supply pinout? does a lacie one work?

Hi, I got a dns-323 from a friend, but he lost the power supply. I got one from a Lacie disk that gives out both 12v & 5v but i´m unsure if the pinout will match! does the original power supply tell the pinout?

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Sorry, I missed that! Your help was more then enough!


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Christian Drake, I attached an image that will show you the power brick and the corresponding pinout. This should answer your question. there are some great sites out there to modify your DND-323 and do not forget it's twin, Conceptronic CH3SNAS. Anyhow, check the links and you get to learn a lot about it...:-)




Good Luck and I hope this helps.

Update (06/09/23)

The originally attached picture

Block Image

It has the diagram of the plug on the Jentec JTA0512 AC adapter label.

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Big thank´s to you!!!


Christian, I was wondering if you know where I might be able to purchase the entire circuit board shown in your top link, to replace the one in my DNS-323. It has apparently died on me and I was hoping to find a replacement for it.

If not, would you know if I can simply install the drives as a Slave Drive in my Windows Desktop PC and access the files that way? Or does the DNS-323 use a file format that Windows won't recognize?


The originally attached picture which is no longer visible can be found at https://web.archive.org/web/201910302314...

It has the diagram of the plug on the Jentec JTA0512 AC adapter label. The plug looks like Kycon KPPX-4P or similar. With the plug turned so that the square keyed side with the two wider apart pins is pointing to the left, the top left is +12V, the bottom left is +5V and both the right side pins are RTN


@rakslice might as well pop the image right on the answer so hopefully it will not get lost again. :-)


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Little late but better late then ...

Be sure that the replacement adapter has 3A (not 2A) as you will burn out the 2A most probably and lucky if you are at home and awake that moment.

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I accidentally ended up purchasing a 2A PSU off ebay, so did some more investigation. This page suggests it should meet the requirements of the unit sufficiently though (assuming you do in fact get a full 2A for both voltage outputs?):


Have you had 2A units burn out?


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