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Is there any way to repair a home button DIY? iPhone 7plus

Yes, I already know that replacing the home button will render touch ID and return to home inoperable, but I dont have the money to get it repaired at the apple store. I've seen videos of people rewiring a torn cable, but the cable didnt look visibly damaged to the naked eye. I'll have to go buy a good magnifying glass and get a better look though. There is however a rubber or foam boot around the socket that seems to be a bit damaged, but I hardly see how that could be causing it.

Let me backtrack and explain my situation first. I was doing a screen repair, and after installing the new screen, the home button didnt work. I reinstalled it in the old display and it didnt work there either, but I didn't reinstall the camera/sensor cable, and I've heard this can cause the home button to break as well, so I havent ruled out the new display extension cable being faulty, but I'm meeting up with my friend again tomorrow to take a second look, but I want to be prepared for the scenario where the home button is bad.

I was wearing an esd wristband and I always plug the battery in last, so I dont believe I fried the home button.

I know theres a chip in the button that pairs it to the original device -- is this chip in the socket or the button? Is replacing just the cable and/or socket feasible? I know how to solder.

Is there any way to remedy this without emptying my wallet at the apple store. Thanks.

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The chip is in the button, at least the security key for pairing is in the sensor chip itself so it is not possible to replace it. The sensor chip is adhered to the button crystal, and the adhesive is stronger than the chip itself, meaning any attempt to pull the chip off WILL destroy the chip, which is thinner than human hair.

“Don’t have money” is not good for repairing things. With the “unrepairability” design trend, any complex repair will require tools costing many times more than the device itself, making repairs only economical for larger scale repair shops.

Also, if Apple found out you’ve tampered with the device, they will reject ANY repair requests, no matter paid or not.

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Well, I have plenty of experience replacing iphone screens, and this has never happened to me, so naturally I didnt consider this expense when agreeing to do the repair.

As far as tools go, I have a soldering iron and I know how to use it, so I guess I was trying to ask if theres like a solder point somewhere on the button that would allow me to just replace the cable and socket on the old button.

I've seen a few videos of people rewiring the old button but I figured if possible, replacing just the cable would probably be more straight forward.

This is a bit of a hail Mary cuz it can't really get much worse. If the button is broken and apple wont fix it for me my only other option is to buy him a new phone.


Home button cables can be repaired, but not with a soldering iron. The chips are incredibly tiny so they actually use wire bonding like in chip packages to bond the chip and the cable.


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There is a new product in the market (Charging port with home button), it includes the charging port and home button. If your home button not working, you can get this product and DIY repair it. After replacing it, the Home button will have the return function. But the earphone through the lighting port will not work. But you can use the Bluetooth.

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