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Second generation of the Ford Focus.

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boot will not open even after locking and unlocking button on key

how do i unlock boot on my ford focus ambiente (south africa)

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Looks like a common problems for this vehicle. This is what I found out"With the key OFF, pull the panel where the button is mounted . Pull the wire connector block off the back of the switch and put it back on a few times to clear any crud off the contacts. Maybe spray a little electronics cleaner into the switch body and press/wiggle the button a few times to clean the internal contact in the switch.

Turn your key ON and try things out. If still no go, turn the key OFF and check the wiring going into the connector block to make sure everything's intact and the wires are in the right spots in the connector. Check that the wires aren't broken or chafed and shorting, as far as you can trace them under the dash (ideally to the fuse panel). Fuse OK?

Finally, if everything associated with the trunk release button that's in the cockpit checks out OK, you should probably get into the trunk, pull the panels needed to access the electrical release, and check out that wiring and mechanical linkage.' Check on here for more info about this issue. LEt me know if you read Russian since I do have a service manual, to bad its in Russian...Good Luck

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Yours is a much better answer than mine so I'll give you an uptick and delete mine.


Sorry did not mean to bump you, just felt his pain about not opening the boot...;-)thanks for the uptick


+ nice research


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Eventually took it into dealer who is replacing lock.R500 with labour is not a bad price. It seems that the vehicles in south africa differ in certain set-ups. There is no boot catch release in glove compartment in my model. 2008 ford focus 1600 ambiente. manual transmission. Thanks for all contributions. Highly appreciated.

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You are very welcome and hope you get to enjoy your Focus for a long time. May your fuel prices be better than ours....:-)


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