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Slim, 10.2 inch multi-touch tablet/PC released in 2010. Model number T101MT. Comes with Windows 7 Starter Edition.

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How to replace the HDD

Well, I’d like to know how exactly to replace the HDD of the Asus Eee Pc T101 MT. I found a video on YT which shows a guy unscrewing every screw and beating and shaking the device, which does not seem … professional. At least, he reached the HDD but I do not really want to take the device apart to tiny bits, really. I don’t think it is necessary, either.

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I believe I just watched the same video you did. He seems to be hitting the laptop in an attempt to get screws out. You can probably avoid this with a magnetic screw driver, and if not, a light tap will not hurt the laptop. However, you can also follow this guide in order to get to the HDD, then from there, replacing the HDD is self explanatory. Otherwise here is a link to the video I watched just in case it’s different. If you keep good notes, and take pictures of what you’re doing, you wont have to worry about taking it apart into small pieces. Good luck!

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Thank you for your reply! It worked and I got the HDD changed.

It worked as described, but for the less perceptive of us, like me, a few words regarding HDD change:

Two of the screws of the bottom panel are underneath that strip you have to pull off, as mentioned in the guide, the second one is underneath one of the rubber feet.

Not mentioned, but necessary, is the removal of two of the display screws underneath a plastic cover at the back of the device at the rotating mechanism. Be carefull with opening the lid while having the screws undone, because even with a worn out display hinge, you apply a lot of torque to the remaining two screws in the chassis, which will not withstand that very often.

The bottom cover is a bit tricky to "pry open", because the VGA output and the audio jacks need a bit of persuation. The number of screws mentioned in the guide is true.

The frame is almost ready to slide away, except for one little screw near the usb ports. Unscrew, slide away and unscrew the frame off the HDD


I'm glad I can be of some help to you. If you are so inclined to do so, you would help a lot of people if you edited the guide for this device with this useful information.


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