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The Western Digital My Passport Ultra is a USB 3.0 portable storage device with a 2 TB capacity.

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What read/write rates should be expected for sequential and random?

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I believe that yet another WD drive is about to fail on me, but wanted to check expected read/write rates for my drive. I’ve used CrystalMark and I’m getting sequential rates around 100MB/s but random are down to 500kB/s. I’ve run a few diagnostic tools including WD tools like DLGDIAG that say that it’s fine for the quick and basic tests and haven’t run full all out tests yet.

I’ll do that, but it would be good to get a feel for what y’all would expect.

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This is what I get on an average 2.5” laptop hard drive but I wouldn’t worry about 4K write / read speeds. They don’t matter much compared to sequential.

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The USB bus is not known for sustained speeds - I don’t expect the performance you get out of a SATA, AHCI (PCIe) or NVMe bus on any of them. The drive is probably fine and is just slow because of poor sustained speeds.

If you want to check the status of the drive, modern external drives just about universally support SMART unlike older ones (without a warranty voiding teardown) and this is new enough. You can check the health of the drive with Crystaldiskinfo if you want to be sure.

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