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HP Compaq Business laptop released in 2004. This model shares many resemblances to previously released Compaq models. All laptops use a Pentium M processor (32-bit only) but speed varies based on your specific configuration.

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How can I test the GPU/motherboard?

I have tried replacing the LCD LVDS cable and reinforced the connection to the display for good measure by using more tape then I actually need , as can be seen here:

Block Image

At this point, I know both of the LVDS cables are probably okay so I am thinking the issue with this notebook is now related to the GPU/motherboard or panel. If I don’t use the notebook for a while, the LCD glitches. It doesn’t always do it and it always seems to recover, so I’m thinking there’s a display or GPU issue. While I have a parts unit to get a panel from with the correct resolution (XGA cables only work with an XGA display), I can use that to further troubleshoot it. However, while it’s not a hard repair it is a time consuming repair. I need to pull it from that unit, install it onto the one I’m trying to troubleshoot and protect the old part in case of a bad diagnosis. I’d like to be 100% sure before I open that unit and pull the LCD.

Is there any tests I can do that will rule out a GPU problem? I don’t ever see it on an external display so I’m fairly confident the screen is the problem at this point, but I’d rather test the GPU to be sure. Diagnostics for Windows 4.12A is rudimentary and only detects major GPU problems and passed it.

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Hi Nick,

I didn't find your last paragraph entirely clear. Could you please clarify? Does the problem disappear with an external display?


I decided to replace the display so I know with 100% certainty the motherboard is at fault @aactech. As far as I can tell, it's isolated to the notebook.

The problem is the display has issues with glitching out for a split second or two. I've clarified the problem a little better for you.


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I went ahead and did the bare display. I’ll see if it shows up with the replacement LVDS cable.

The new panel has a dead pixel but that’s better then the previous problems by far.

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Oh good.

Sometimes pixel reviving software can fix those dead pixels.


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