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The Asus X551CA is a 396.2 mm laptop computer with convenient features for everyday use.

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My cover body is damaged of backside of lcd screen where to get parts

where to get get he body parts and how to fix/change the parts backside of lcd screen

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What region are you in?


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Hi @shubham123 ,

Here’s the part number for a black LCD cover for an Asus X551CA 90NB0341-R7A010.

Here’s the part number for a white LCD cover for an Asus X551CA 90NB0342-R7A010

If you search online using the part number only in the search box of your browser, you’ll get results for suppliers of the part.

Here’s a link to a video which shows how to replace the LCD screen in an Asus X551C.

Hopefully this will help you to replace the LCD cover.

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