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Repair a melted plug

how to repair the plug

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Hi @leahya ,

Replacing an appliance plug usually involves cutting the cord away from the damaged plug as close as possible to the plug so as to retain the maximum amount of cord length, stripping the cord sheath insulation back a suitable distance from the end (usually about 2”) stripping the insulation from the wires (about 1/2’’ from the end) and then terminating the wires onto a new plug that is compatible with your type of wall power outlet

Post a couple of pictures of the plug. This will make it easier to locate a replacement plug for you. Here’s how to do this Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen .

Alternatively, most larger hardware stores carry replacement electrical plugs. Look in the electrical section. The directions on the back of the plug packaging show how to terminate the wires correctly. If you look in hardware stores in your area they will carry plugs suitable for the home power outlets used in your area.

The question has to be asked though, why did the plug melt?

If it was due to an external source, such as a naked flame or it had accidentally fallen across a hot surface, then there is no problem.

If it wasn’t but was caused just by having the hair dryer on then there is a problem in the hair dryer and also why the house wall outlet circuit breaker or fuse didn’t blow before the plug melted that needs to be further investigated.

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