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HP Compaq Business laptop released in 2004. This model shares many resemblances to previously released Compaq models. All laptops use a Pentium M processor (32-bit only) but speed varies based on your specific configuration.

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Testing an intermittent GPU problem?

Photos of the problem:

Block Image

Block Image

*Read me* I upgraded this notebook to solid state with an SSD using an M.2 128GB (SATA)->IDE adapter. I calculated the partition size manually so I can get this right, since XP cannot be trusted to do it correctly AND my modern PC format resulted in a disk read error. This is why I clean installed XP on a configured system.

When it got past the installation, I noticed that screen glitch. I’ve already replaced the LVDS cable AND LCD to try and sort out previous problems, but it persists. Is there *any* way I can test the GPU to confirm it on such a horribly intermittent problem I can’t get to stick in a testable environment? This happened on the charger and it NEVER happened in the past that way. I’m hoping it’s the LVDS cable (even though it’ll annoy me) since it’s better then a board failure. Having to make this unit work is getting old and I’m just about out of patience to even bother finding the failure mode.

I have another unit I can prepare if I’m dealing with GPU problems - it’s not a regular failure on these but I’ve been told it happens enough I should watch for the signs it’s going to happen. This swap unit needs prep work (CMOS battery, SSD fit modification and thermal paste) but I can do that and may as well do all 3 at once since the unit needs to be opened either way.

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Hi @nick ,

Try an external monitor, also try in safe mode.

That way, looking at the external monitor, you test the GPU without the LVDS , the laptop screen or the manufacturer's video drivers being a factor.


@jayeff hopefully it does it again so I can do it that way.

As I said this one is intermittent and I usually end up in a position where I can't do that. If/when it craps out like this again I'll do that. This failure is highly annoying at this point and I'm close to giving up and doing a final rebuild on my working spare.

I also need to update the BIOS sequentially since I can't go from the old numbered BIOS (F.0X) to the numbered (F.XX) without killing the BIOS board.


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@jayeff I ended up finding a preexisting baked on fingerprint on the CPU I can't even get rid of with Articlean. I think it's ESD damage :(. Just not worth tracking down if I can replace the top board or I’m in for a nasty surprise because the base GPU/IO board is bad. ALL of my base boards came from bum machines with the same probable ESD evidence so I’m at the end with this one and it’s a full blown parts system.

I have a second shot with a unit I vetted because no CPU fingerprints, but it needs a CMOS battery and 1 screw removed from the chassis to make the SSD adapter work since it causes clearance issues.

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