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HD action camera with touchscreen LCD, released October 5, 2014.

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Why my hero4 overheating when battery is inserted?

i have problem. my go pro won’t turn on when i insert the battery. but the device become overheat. what may caused this problem?what should i do?thank you.

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overheating when the battery is inserted is pretty indicative of a short circuit. Could be a shorted battery as well as a bad power circuitry etc. Exchange the battery for a new one and see if that resolves anything. After that you will have to start disassembling your GoPro and check for any visible damage etc. Use these guides GoPro Hero4 Silver for that. Post some images of your boards etc. with your question so that we can see what you see Here is how you do that Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen

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thank for your respond. i already swap with an original battery but still overheating. it's possible for me to change the circuit board or main board or both need to change?


@subki_hussin hte charging circuitry etc. is on the motherboard. Check that one closely for any obviously damaged components


@oldturkey03 Glad to see you after some time, hope you had a lovely holiday meantime :)


Strange, but the problem is software-related. The problem is firmware v05.00. See my answer below.


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I had this problem and I finally solved it. More likely, you have installed firmware version 5 (V05,00). That version has a bug that makes your camera useless after few days. Also, the camera overheats when the battery is in (or USB charger). You cannot power on the camera, you cannot install another firmware upgrade (or downgrade), the camera is dead.

But I found this guy that made a program that can hard-erase the bad firmware from the camera. It's a bit complicated, but my camera works again, like new. The process is called "de-bricking".

Here's the link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/goprouse...

I hope it's not too late and that you didn't already throw away your camera! And, a piece of advice, don't buy Gopro products anymore.. :) There are alternatives!

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And, by the way, the camera is not overheating anymore when the battery is in. (same battery)


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