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Das Samsung Galaxy S5 mini ist ein Smartphone erschien am 28. Juli 2014. Es ist mit einer 8MP Rückkamera, einem 720p Display, einem Fingerabdruckscanner und einem wasserdichten Gehäuse ausgestattet. Es hat ein größeres Display, längere Akkulaufzeit und eine bessere Kamera als sein älterer Bruder, das Galaxy S4 Mini.

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Is it necessary to clean inside of my phone if it is fall into toilet?

My mobile phone was dropped in toilet for 12 hours. I dried my phone. But i think there is dust inside. But my phone is running very well. I want to know if the dust is harmful for the future?

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Hi @fixzahid ,

Water resistant doesn't necessarily mean waterproof.

The specs state that it can withstand water up to 1 metre for 30 minutes, which is a bit different to 12 hours submerged!

Whilst there are no problems for now that is not to say that they won't appear in the near future.

Just so that you are aware of this

Personally I would open it up to inspect it but I'm just cautious around electronics and water especially if the device is not new.

Are there any minute cracks in the case or flaws in the seal due to normal activity over time which may have compromised its’ water resistant integrity for example?

Here’s a link to the ifixit Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Repair guide, if you decide to do this

This link may also be of some help. Electronics Water Damage

Hopefully you also cleaned the outside of the phone appropriately given where it was found submerged and also how the phone is used ;-)

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If your phone is running very well, then there is no need to fix anything for now. Samsung Galaxy S5 phones are water-resistant, so being submerged underwater probably didn’t cause significant damage.

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I feared about the dust,not the water. Will dust create any problem?


The mechanism in the phone that blocks the water will most likely block the dust as well.


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Yes its highly recommended you can run in to a lot of issues from it.

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