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The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), or simply the Super Nintendo, is a 16bit gaming console released by Nintendo in 1990. The Super Nintendo was one of the best sellers of its time and still has a large fanbase today.

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snes problem a device not supported by this program has been connected

When I start up my snes the screen shows the “NBA Jam” background (that’s the only game I have) but then just says:


A device not supported by this program has been connected

I’d like to try to fix it, but im not sure what the issue is. Any suggestions?

Update (03/21/2019)

Here is a picture of my tv screen

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Have you done any aftermarket mods to the SNES? Is the cartreidge an original (Not a knock-off?)


I just bought the consol off a guy a few days ago, and don’t know it’s exact history. I opened it up and I’m pretty sure there aren’t any aftermarket mods to the consol. Also, the game cartridge is authentic.


Could you post pictures of the motherboard please?



this is what the consol looks like when I basically just opened it up and removed the eject switch


and then I removed the main metal plate off the mother board.

Is this enough?


The images did not show up, Try editing the post and posting the pictures there. Do this by clicking the options tab, then clicking edit.


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After the NES (with the easily defeated lockout chip) some (but not all) SNES games check if the lockout chip is set to the correct region or for game copy tools. Yours is one of the easily modified boards, so I’m glad it isn’t done. Just so you know, these can be visually identified internally if a wire is soldered to the ground pad (region free/most games) and a wire on the chip (Check games). It doesn’t look like yours is modified for that (it happens a lot), so I’m glad that variable isn’t part of the problem. Just keep that in mind if you get an old SNES again. Thankfully these are easy to ID as owners drill the case to add the switch for easy access. It also usually comes with evidence like a switch in the case, even if reversed (Ex: Switch held in with epoxy or a hole clearly cut for the region switching mod). If it is even done depends on the publisher, but it usually only impacts 1st party IPs more then anything else.

Since it’s not modified, it may be due to a bad copy of the game. Find another one and see if the fault is isolated to this copy or it’s a board level issue - it’s not uncommon for these region check/piracy tool check games to trigger the protection because the game cart has issues. If the board is bad, you’re going to need to find a schematic based on the SNS-CPU code for the board you have (Hint: You have a early board since it has the old lockout chip) and go from there.

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